Labor Law

Szatraj, Grabowska & Copija Law Firm prides itself on its knowledge and many years of experience in the labor law matters. Our Clients include companies, corporations and economic entities which employ their personnel under various types of contracts and forms of cooperation including contracts of employment, contracts of mandate, specific-task contracts or under management contracts.

We assist our Clients in determining the conditions of employment and drafting contracts. We continue to support our private and business Clients after the termination of employment. Our law firm represents employees and employers in negotiations and in proceedings before the labor and social insurance courts.

Our comprehensive offer for employers includes the creation of internal Rules of Procedure, remuneration regulations, internal policies and all types of employment contracts. Our lawyers advise the Clients on current staff-related matters.

We solve the problems concerning the non-competition clauses, trade secrets and unfair competition.

A good knowledge of labor law guarantees a conflict-free employeremployee relationship. Our firm takes an active part in amicable proceedings and mediations.

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