Szatraj, Grabowska & Copija Law Firm has years of experience in representing Clients in judicial and administrative proceedings. We always aim to achieve a settlement of the dispute at the earliest possible stage of a case. Our long standing experience allows us to examine each dispute thoroughly and, as a result, we are able to provide our Clients with alternative solutions to the problem, such as arbitration, mediations and conciliatory negotiations.

Our experienced lawyers successfully represent Clients before the law enforcement authorities. During legal proceedings, we act as defense attorneys and  representatives of subsidiary and private prosecutors. As part of our offer, we will prepare a notification of a suspected crime and a  private bill of indictment. We draw up procedural documents at all stages of the case and participate in court proceedings.

Our lawyers represent private Clients and institutions in criminal and penal fiscal cases and in cases of misdemeanors by initiating the pre-trial proceedings, participating in the trial and undertaking legal actions in executory proceedings. We represent the board members and supervisory board members in criminal cases.

Our team has a lot of well-established, practical experience in handling civil disputes such as cases concerning payments and collaterals for debts. We represent our Clients in cases connected with commercial and labor law. We handle proceedings concerning real estate, including real estate register proceedings and criminal trespass cases.

We are ready to provide representation in e-court proceedings.

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