Real property law and property restitution

Real estate

Szatraj, Grabowska & Copija Law Firm provides services in the field of real estate law. We have a team of lawyers specializing in litigation against developers and general contractors of  large residential and commercial investments.

Our lawyers represent Clients before common courts, in cases concerning i.a. acquisitive prescription, division and delimitation of property and in cases before the Land and Mortgage Register Courts.

Szatraj, Grabowska & Copija Law Firm offers legal assistance in transactions on the real estate market. Our services include:

  • preparing due diligence reports on the legal status of property;
  • determining the possibilities to develop a property in accordance with the urban planning regulations and the provisions of construction law;
  • providing legal assistance in the acquisition of funds for building projects;
  • drafting contracts relating to the conduction of the developers’ investments such as general contractor agreements, project management contracts and construction contracts;
  • handling the process of real estate commercialization;
  • advising on acquisition and disposal of property.

We represent our Clients in administrative and court-administrative proceedings concerning real estate, also in the course of  the enactment of studies and plans for spatial management of a property.

Our specialists provide permanent legal services for homeowner associations and real estate managers.

Property restitution

Our team includes specialists in the field of property restitution with particular reference to the claims laid by former owners of real properties in Warsaw that were taken over pursuant to the Decree of 26 October 1945 on Ownership and Usufruct of Land in the Area of the Capital City of Warsaw (the so-called Bierut Decree) and property claims arising from the Decree of 6 September 1944 on Agrarian Reform.

Our lawyers successfully conduct complicated administrative proceedings aimed at vesting the perpetual usufruct right to real properties in Warsaw in the legal successors to the former owners, while supporting the official proceedings at all stages.

We represent our Clients in administrative proceedings and court proceedings aimed at determining the compensation for the loss of real property rights, also in cases pending before the Supreme Court and Supreme Administrative Court.

We identify the legal successors to the former property owners and analyze the made claims.

We also represent our Clients  in expropriation proceedings.

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